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Me And My Arrow music_note "Me and My Arrow " is featured in Harry Nilsson's musical adventure The Point! .   It was also used as the music for a series of car commercials in the 1970s.   ...
Gerry Anderson Evocation [1999] album One of a series of CDs released by EMI which contain music selected by a well known film or television personality.   "Thunderbirds " producer, Gerry Anderson , included Harry's "Who Done It? " among his song choices.   The CD comes in a pouch at the ...
Derek Taylor person photo On September 8, 1997, Harry Nilsson's friend Derek Taylor died at his home in Suffolk, England , after a long illness. He was 65.   Derek Taylor was born in Liverpool, England on May 7, 1932. He was educated in the city and became a journalist for "The ...
Cuddly Toy music_note After selling "Cuddly Toy" to The Monkees and receiving a $40,000 guarantee Harry Nilsson felt secure enough to quit his job at the bank . He called his boss who chided Nilsson "for making jokes over the phone," But when he sensed I was serious ...
Think About Your Troubles music_note Harry Nilsson conceived the story of The Point! while writing "Think About Your Troubles ."   According to Allen Zentz , Harry said that songs often came to him as visions - as if they were movies or cartoons.   Peggy Lee and Sam Brown ...
The World Is Coming To An End music_note In 1974, Harry Nilsson and Ringo Starr decided to make a "multimedia film" called Harry and Ringo's Night Out . The formed a partnership with Michael Viner , head of Pride Records , to finance the film. At the same time, Nilsson shared the ...
Remember (Christmas) music_note If you listen closely you can hear the jingle of sleigh bells in Harry Nilsson's "Remember (Christmas) ".
Home music_note "Home" by Harry Nilsson  
When Harry Met E. J. article This article originally appeared in Everybody's Talkin' .   By E. J. Gold   My stepfather worked in the late fifties and early sixties as the marketing director at Capitol Records until he was put out to pasture on an empty desk when EMI Britain ...
Jump Into the Fire {Single Version} music_note
Midnight Cowboy {US CD Reissue} [1998] album The soundtrack of the John Schlesinger film features Harry Nilsson's performance of Fred Neil's "Everybody's Talkin' ."  
20 Number 1's Of The 70's [1993] album
All My Life {Quadraphonic Mix} music_note Quadraphonic mix.
Old Forgotten Soldier {Quadraphonic Mix} music_note
Turn Out The Lights {Demo} music_note A bonus track from Buddha's release of Pussy Cats , this is Harry Nilsson's stripped down demo of a song which finally appeared on the DUIT ON MON DEI album. Far from the exuberant, steel-drum-laden version, the demo is more of a quirky lullaby. ...
Jesus Christ You're Tall {Quadraphonic Mix} music_note
You Can't Do That {APB} music_note This remix was created for the Aerial Pandemonium Ballet but left off the original album. It later appeared as a bonus track on the Buddha reissue.
Coconut {Quadraphonic Mix} music_note
Jump Into the Fire {Quadraphonic Mix} music_note
Old Forgotten Soldier {Demo} music_note
The Moonbeam Song {Demo} music_note
The Moonbeam Song {Quadraphonic Mix} music_note
You're Breaking My Heart music_note Recorded April/May 1972.
Turn Out The Lights music_note
What's Your Sign music_note
Yo Y Mi Flecha music_note "Me and My Arrow" in Spanish.
Puget Sound music_note
Salmon Falls music_note
P.O.V. Waltz music_note
It's A Jungle Out There music_note
Late Last Night music_note
Good For God music_note
I Want You To Sit On My Face music_note
Down By the Sea music_note
The End (Moonbeam) music_note
Everything's Got 'Em music_note
All My Life music_note
Ambush music_note
Are You Sleeping? music_note
Turn On Your Radio music_note
The Moonbeam Song music_note
Spaceman music_note
You Can't Do That music_note