A short clip from the film Citizen Kane is used near the end of Harry Nilsson's "In Concert" TV special.


We ended the first show with something that was absolutely his idea. [Harry] said, "There’s a scene in Orson Welles' Citizen Kane where the lady’s singing on stage." She was supposed to be an opera singer. "And there's a slow pan up from the singing up into the rafters. And there are two scene men standing on the gantry, and one holds his nose. If only we could get that! At the end of my show, let's do that!"
I said, "Why would you want to put yourself down like that?" He said, "It'd be fun!" I said, "How are we going to get that? The copyright will be a fortune." But we found that the BBC had a copy of it. So we just used it without telling anybody, and we never told anybody. I've never admitted it to this day!

-- Stanley Dorfman [1]