Andrea Sheridan


Title Summary
One Last Touch of Nilsson ... wishes to thank Una Nilsson , Andrea Sheridan , Shane Faubert , Jonathan Scott , Martin A. Miller , Bruce Dumes , and the Internet newsgroup "alt.rock-n-roll.oldies " for assistance.   Copyright 1996 Krause Publications Group, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Reprinted with permission of Goldmine ...
Remembering Harry By Andrea Sheridan   Andrea Sheridan's personal remembrance of Harry originally appeared in the Spring of 1994 in Good Day Sunshine (#73). It is reprinted here with the kind permission of Andrea and Good Day Sunshine.   How do I reduce a life to a few words? Especially an extraordinary life, one ...
A Little Touch of Schmilsson in the Night {UK CD Reissue} [2002] ... The new liner notes are by Andrea Sheridan .   Steven G. Baird picked the 2002 Camden reissue of A Little Touch of Schmilsson In the Night as his choice for the best sounding pop/rock music reissue discovered by the staff of Sensible Sound during 2003.   This album has been a favorite of mine ...
Harryfest 1999 Sue Schnelzer hosted Harryfest 1999 in Covington, Kentucky , just across the river from Cincinnati . The 'fest was held July 16 through 18, 1999.   Memories of Harryfest 1999   Joel Folds :   When I first decided to look up my favorite artist on the www I got no matches. I went upstairs got an ...
Loneliness ... By Harry Nilsson [1] Source: Andrea Sheridan
Pandemonium Shadow Show / Aerial Ballet / Aerial Pandemonium Ballet [2000] ... bonus tracks. | Liner Notes: Andrea Sheridan
Harryfest 2001 Harryfest 2001 was held in London, England , starting on May 4, 2001, at the Hotel Russell . Designed in the late 1800s by architect Charles Fitzroy Doll , the hotel's dining room is said to resemble the Titanic's first-class restaurant (also designed by Doll). [1]   Hotel Russell (Photo by DAVID ...
Knnillssonn {US CD Reissue} [1995] ... McNaught ).   | Liner Notes: Andrea Sheridan | Package Design: Gribbitt | Package Design: Tim Bryant | Project Director: Frankie Pezzella
May 4 - Harryfest Dinner The Harryfest began with a dinner buffet ... and a collection of Harry Nilsson memorabilia.       Curtis Armstrong (Center) with Andrea and John Sheridan   Ted Parkinson , Zak and Leslie Nilsson , and Roger Smith   Bracha Smith
May 4 - Andrea's Cape Andrea brought her RCA Son of Schmilsson promotional vampire cape (which each of us had to try on!).    

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