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Without You music_note   "Without You " [...] is just the killer song of all time. -- Paul McCartney [1]     [1] "Behind the Music {Badfinger} " VH1
Mariah Carey person   It wasn't meant to be a tribute, but Mariah Carey's recording of "Without You " turns out to be an ironic reminder of the artistry of Harry Nilsson , the man who had a No. 1 hit with the song 22 years ago. Carey's remake debuts on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart next week at No. 53, ...
Nilsson Schmilsson {180 gram LP Reissue} [2002] album Simply Vinyl released the Midnight Cowboy soundtrack on LP in 1999 and Nilsson Schmilsson on LP in 2002. The following is the description of Nilsson Schmilsson from Simply Vinyl's web site: Well, here's a classic [...] from an artist who is only ...
Per Chi music_note "For Who" - "Without You " sung in Italian.  
Without You {Demo} music_note
Without You {Quadraphonic Mix} music_note
Si No Estas Tu music_note Harry Nilsson recorded Si No Estas Tu which is Without You in Spanish.
Ken Sharp Interviews Harry Nilsson (March, 1992) question_answer Ken Sharp interviewed Harry Nilsson in March of 1992 at the Beatlefest in Secaucus, New Jersey .   KS (Ken Sharp): What are your plans for a new record?   HN (Harry Nilsson): To make one!   KS: Have you been doing a lot of writing?   ...