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Tibor Zelig to Dungeon Siege III in 13 Steps

  1. Tibor Zelig played violin for ...That's the Way It Is
  2. ...That's the Way It Is includes drums played by Jim Keltner
  3. Jim Keltner played drums for Brian Wilson
  4. Brian Wilson recorded This Could Be the Night
  5. This Could Be the Night was written by Phil Spector
  6. Phil Spector wrote River Deep-Mountain High
  7. River Deep-Mountain High was produced by Rick Jarrard
  8. Rick Jarrard produced The Tree
  9. The Tree was published by Unichappell Music
  10. Unichappell Music published Eddie Makes Three
  11. Eddie Makes Three was published by Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Co.
  12. Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Co. published Best Friend
  13. Best Friend is heard in Dungeon Siege III