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That'll Be the Day to Kathy Torrence in 13 Steps

  1. That'll Be the Day stars Ringo Starr
  2. Ringo Starr played drums for Drumming is My Madness
  3. Drumming is My Madness features piano played by Jane Getz
  4. Jane Getz played keyboards for ...That's the Way It Is
  5. ...That's the Way It Is includes keyboards played by Dr. John
  6. Dr. John played piano for Duit on Mon Dei
  7. Duit on Mon Dei was arranged by Fredric Myrow
  8. Fredric Myrow composed the score for Elephant Parts
  9. Elephant Parts was directed by William Dear
  10. William Dear directed Harry and the Hendersons
  11. Harry and the Hendersons was adapted into a TV series starring Bruce Davison
  12. Bruce Davison appeared in Dead Man's Curve as Dean Torrence
  13. Dean Torrence is the brother of Kathy Torrence