Sebastian Stores introduced Harry Nilsson to RCA producer Rick Jarrard which lead to Nilsson's being signed by RCA.


I was sitting in a coffee shop with a one-time collaborator, Sebastian Stores, and he said 'Hey, they've got a new A&R guy at RCA, Rick Jarrard. And he's under 50. Why don't you go over and see him?'
I wasn't doing anything, so that afternoon, I picked up my guitar and went over to RCA and auditioned for Jarrard. I sang 'Without Her,' '1941,' and 'Don't Leave Me.'
Jarrard said 'Great, that's enough. You've got a deal.' Albeit, he had some trouble convincing the guys on the top floor. They said 'Why do we need another singer/songwriter? We already have Rod McKuen.' Rick went over their heads and signed me anyway.[1]

-- Harry Nilsson[2]


Stores cowrote "Readin' Ridin' And Racin'" with Harry Nilsson.