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Puget Sound to Caleb Quaye in 15 Steps

  1. Puget Sound was written by Harry Nilsson
  2. Harry Nilsson sang backing for Lady Gaye
  3. Lady Gaye features guitar played by Jesse Ed Davis
  4. Jesse Ed Davis played guitar for Pussy Cats
  5. Pussy Cats includes drums played by Jim Keltner
  6. Jim Keltner played drums for Stop and Take the Time to Smell the Roses
  7. Stop and Take the Time to Smell the Roses features drums played by Ringo Starr
  8. Ringo Starr played percussion for Son of Dracula
  9. Son of Dracula includes guitar played by Peter Frampton
  10. Peter Frampton played guitar for The Lottery Song
  11. The Lottery Song features guitar played by Chris Spedding
  12. Chris Spedding played guitar for Nilsson Schmilsson
  13. Nilsson Schmilsson includes drums played by Roger Pope
  14. Roger Pope was a member of Hookfoot
  15. Hookfoot members included Caleb Quaye