In an appearance on the TV show Playboy After Dark in 1969, Harry Nilsson performed "Good Old Desk." A straight-faced Harry Nilsson told the host, Hugh Hefner, that the meaning of the song "Good Old Desk" was in its initials - "GOD."


Playboy After Dark


Years later Nilsson admitted, "I bullshitted him. I thought it was funny."


At the end of his appearance, Harry sang "Cast and Crew" in which he recites the credits for the film Skidoo. "That was live. It just happens that in writing that particular thing it was really a lot of work so it stayed with me longer because it was four minutes of peoples' names and their jobs. So it was trying to write a melody to encompass the names and the jobs to make it come out rhythmically and in rhyme. You know, it was a very difficult thing so you spend a lot of time with it. And I became very familiar with the cast and crew of the movie."


Playboy After Dark is an American television show hosted by Hugh Hefner. It aired in syndication through Screen Gems from 1969 to 1970 and was taped at CBS Television City in Los Angeles.