Laurence Juber


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Interview with the Author of Harry & Me ... possibly including Lee Newman , Laurence Juber , Stanley Dorfman , John Scheinfeld , Lee Blackman - and maybe even Micky Dolenz or Van Dyke Parks . I recently asked Mr. Blackman how I can get a temporary membership and he told me to consider myself invited. So that's what I'll do! The Virgin ...
Harry Nilsson Tribute Concert ... written with Harry.       Laurence Juber played "When Harry Got to Heaven ."   Victoria Williams performed "The Puppy Song ."   Andrew Sandoval performed "1941 " and "Miss Butter's Lament " then joined the house band on guitar to back up others.   P. F. Sloan sang "I Guess the Lord Must ...
When Harry Got to Heaven Laurence Juber , former Wings guitarist , wrote and performs the instrumental song "When Harry Got to Heaven " as a tribute to his friend, Harry Nilsson .   During live performances, he introduces the song by telling a story about Harry's funeral . The Northridge earthquake had shaken Southern ...
A Celebration of the Music of Harry Nilsson ... Laufer ("Little Cowboy "); Laurence Juber ("When Harry Got to Heaven "); Ann Magnuson ("Remember (Christmas) " and "Coconut "); Andrew Sandoval ("Miss Butter's Lament "); P.F. Sloan ("I Guess the Lord Must be in New York City "); and Victoria Williams ("The Puppy Song ").   Brandon Cruz closed ...

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