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Harry Nilsson to Eddie Cantor in 17 Steps

  1. Harry Nilsson produced Salmon Falls
  2. Salmon Falls was published by Blackwood Music
  3. Blackwood Music published You're Breaking My Heart
  4. You're Breaking My Heart was published by EMI
  5. EMI published Me And My Arrow
  6. Me And My Arrow was arranged by George Tipton
  7. George Tipton arranged Miss Butter's Lament
  8. Miss Butter's Lament was produced by Rick Jarrard
  9. Rick Jarrard was born on August 14
  10. August 14 is the birthday of Marcia Gay Harden
  11. Marcia Gay Harden appears in So Help Me Todd
  12. So Help Me Todd features an appearance by Skylar Astin
  13. Skylar Astin was born on September 23
  14. September 23 is the birthday of Ray Charles
  15. Ray Charles is one of many artists that recorded It Had to Be You
  16. It Had to Be You appeared in the film Show Business
  17. Show Business is a 1944 film starring Eddie Cantor