A new book about Harry is on its way. Neil Watson's Harry & Me is now available for pre-order from the publisher's web site:


Neil is a true fan of Harry Nilsson and I trust that Harry's memory is in good hands.

I've been chatting with Neil since he started work on the book His enthusiasm for the project is obvious and with each email I received from him, I got more excited about it myself. Often he'd send an email telling me who he had just interviewed and how interesting their stories were. But, he wouldn't tell me anything about the stories! Oh, occasionally he'd drop some hints. But, just enough to pique my appetite. He's been quite a tease. And, now I have to wait until September.

I'm, of course, looking forward to reading the book myself. But, I'm also looking forward to it helping grow the ranks of Nilsson fandom. From the time Neil first mentioned the book, it reminded me of how it was a book written by a fan of the Beatles, The Beatles Forever, that took me beyond the threshold of being someone that liked the Beatles to being a hard-core fan. I think Neil's book will be more accessible to casual fans than Alyn Shipton's biography and will help convert many of them to true Harryheads!