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January 17 to David Cohen in 13 Steps

  1. January 17 is the birthday of Anna Martin
  2. Anna Martin married Harry Nilsson's uncle John Martin
  3. John Martin was a major musical influence on Harry Nilsson
  4. Harry Nilsson wrote Everything's Got 'Em
  5. Everything's Got 'Em was published by Six Continents Music
  6. Six Continents Music published Don't Leave Me
  7. Don't Leave Me was recorded by Astrud Gilberto
  8. Astrud Gilberto recorded The Wailing of the Willow
  9. The Wailing of the Willow was arranged by George Tipton
  10. George Tipton arranged Aerial Pandemonium Ballet
  11. Aerial Pandemonium Ballet includes bass played by Larry Knechtel
  12. Larry Knechtel played bass for Harry
  13. Harry includes guitar played by David Cohen