After 1980 I'd had enough of records. I'd run my course and was running out of ideas. I paid my record company a lot of money to stop. But when Yoko asked me to do a track on this album I said I'd love to because we'd just had this great reunion. She was finishing a project John had started and we hadn't spoken to each other for a few years since before John died. When John got it there wasn't much to say. What do you say to Yoko? In fact she called my attorney and said "If Harry doesn't call I'll understand why. And then the dust settled and we had this tremendous reunion and after we'd cried and hugged and kissed she told me about this project where everybody does a song of hers. She asked me if I'd do one, so I did three as a surprise to her. She liked them, which was a surprise to me, so she used all three on the album.

-- Harry Nilsson[1]