The songs on Early Tymes were recorded in 1960 by Harry Nilsson as demos for singer/songwriter Scott Turner.


I was hanging around a publisher's office and there was a kid there with a guitar between his knees. He said he sang and wrote, so we went into a music room and he was the best I'd ever heard.

-- Scott Turner[1]


Harry recorded 11 songs for Turner and was paid $5 for each performance. When Turner decided to release the recordings in 1977 to capitalize on Nilsson's success (and to help out the family of Audie Murphy), he telephoned Harry to work out a payment plan. Harry told Turner that he had already been paid - $55.[2]


Scott Turner ensured that proceeds from sales of the album went to benefit Audie Murphy's widow and sons. Turner had written many songs with Murphy, before the actor and songwriter's untimely death in a 1971 plane crash. In 1977, Murphy's estate was still tied up in litigation and Turner hoped that the proceeds from Early Tymes would help Murphy's family through the difficult period. [3]


This shows that Harry Nilsson is a superstar in his heart as well as in music.

-- Scott Turner[4]



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