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Perfect Day   A brief and grand ending to Harry Nilsson's final RCA Records album, "Perfect Day" is another one of his most highly crafted ballads. In a folk, fingerpicking melodic base, this is Nilsson's take on the comfort of love (and maybe art in general). He delivers a minor masterpiece with this song ...
Knnillssonn {Stereophonic LP} [1977] Harry has said that Knnillssonn is his favorite of his albums.   Knnillssonn was Harry Nilsson's last album for RCA . He felt it was not promoted well enough by RCA so he asked to be let out of his contract.   When asked about the name of the album, Harry remarked that everyone else misspells his ...
Lean On Me "Lean on Me" by Harry Nilsson   Lean on me, Lean on me. You're the wind and I'm the sea. Oh, lean on me, lean on me . Love's the boat out on the ocean. You're the wind that fills the sail.  
Goin' Down Harry Nilsson submitted "Goin' Down " to the makers of the film The Odd Job , but the producers decided not to use it. [1]   "Goin' Down" by Harry NIlsson [1] Graham Chapman   (2005-09-20) "Yellowbeard: High Jinks on the High Seas! "
Early Tymes [1977] ... to release the recordings in 1977 to capitalize on Nilsson's success (and to help out the family of Audie Murphy ), he telephoned Harry to work out a payment plan. Harry told Turner that he had already been paid - $55. [2]   Scott Turner ensured that proceeds from sales of the album went to ...
Life Line (performed by Diana Ross) Diana Ross performs a medley of songs from The Point! on her live album, An Evening With Diana Ross .   "The Point: Everybody's Got 'Em / Me And My Arrow / Lifeline / Everybody's Got 'Em (Reprise)" by Diana Ross
Gotta Get Up (performed by Davy Jones and Micky Dolenz) "Gotta Get Up" by Mickey Dolenz and Davy Jones
Best of Nilsson {Australian LP} [1977] This Australian release has the dubious honor of being the only hits package on LP to contain "You're Breaking My Heart ."
Who Done It? What Schmilssonian has not thrilled to the dramatic, ominous prelude which opens Harry Nilsson's masterful pastiche of Agatha Christian mayhem, "Who Done It?". That intro, through the crashing thunder and leading up to the loping bass line, is the only music on Knnillssonn not actually written by ...
AFRTS Basic Musical Library {P-17023} [1977]
1941 (performed by Pandemonium) "1941" by Pandemonium  
AFRTS Basic Musical Library {P-16951} [1977]
The World's Greatest Lover Harry Nilsson performed "Ain't It Kinda Wonderful " for the Gene Wilder film The World's Greatest Lover .      
I Love My Suit Ringo Starr appeared in four Japanese TV commercials for Simple Life leisure suits. The commercials show Ringo encountering unusual creatures while wearing his Simple Life suit and lip-synching to a jingle ("I Love My Suit"). The backing vocals for the jingle are sung by Davy Jones and Harry ...
Everything's Got 'Em (performed by Diana Ross) Diana Ross performs a medley of songs from The Point! on her live album, An Evening With Diana Ross .
Me And My Arrow (performed by Diana Ross) Diana Ross performs a medley of songs from The Point! on her live album, An Evening With Diana Ross .
The Best of Nilsson {Japanese} [1977] | Artist: Harry Nilsson
April * Blackwood Music Presents....Songs From The Charts [1977] This 4-LP promotional set with 42 popular hits from the '60s and '70s includes Remember (Christmas) by Harry Nilsson . | Artist: Various Artists
Sweet Surrender
Old Bones
Laughin' Man
I Never Thought I'd Get This Lonely
Blanket For A Sail Harry Nilsson recorded "Blanket for a Sail" for his 1971 album Knnillssonn . In 1990, he recorded an alternate version for the album For Our Children . The alternate version begins with the "Little fellow, you're so tired" verse from Little Cowboy .
All I Think About is You

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