Annette Walter-Lax


Title Summary
The Last Four Years: A Rock Noir Romance: Living with rock's wildest drummer of all time The Last Four Years by Annette Walter-Lax tells the story of your life as Keith Moon's partner from the time they first met in 1974 at Harry Nilsson's London apartment until Moons's tragic death in the same apartment four years later.  
Curzon Place ... around the entire flat. -- Annette Walter-Lax [1]   Nilsson's apartment is infamous because two famous pop performers died there during the time Harry owned it.   On July 29, 1974, Mama Cass died in the apartment. Later, on September 7, 1978, Keith Moon also died there.   After Moon's death, ...
Dinsdale Annette Walter-Lax was drummer Keith Moon’s girlfriend during the last few years of Moon's life. The book, The Last Four Years: A Rock Noir Romance: Living with Rock's Wildest Drummer of All Time , which Walter-Lax wrote with author Spencer Brown , includes photographs of the couple's cat, ...
Keith Moon ... engagement to 28-year old model, Annette Walter-Lax . After the party, Moon and his fiancée went to the apartment owned by Harry Nilsson in which Moon was staying. Unable to wake him the next morning, Walter-Lax called a doctor. Keith Moon died before the ambulance arrived.  

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