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Wilbert Nuttycombe to Neko Case in 14 Steps

  1. Wilbert Nuttycombe played violin for Aerial Ballet
  2. Aerial Ballet includes French horn played by David Duke
  3. David Duke played french horn for ...That's the Way It Is
  4. ...That's the Way It Is includes saxophone played by Gene Cipriano
  5. Gene Cipriano played saxophone for Pussy Cats
  6. Pussy Cats includes trombone played by Chuck Findley
  7. Chuck Findley played trombone for Loop de Loop
  8. Loop de Loop was produced by John Lennon
  9. John Lennon produced Save the Last Dance for Me
  10. Save the Last Dance for Me was published by Unichappell Music
  11. Unichappell Music published One
  12. One was covered by Aimee Mann
  13. Aimee Mann was born on September 8
  14. September 8 is the birthday of Neko Case