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Warner Bros. to Me and My Arrow in 13 Steps

  1. Warner Bros. published I Need You
  2. I Need You was arranged by Trevor Lawrence
  3. Trevor Lawrence produced Baby, I'm Yours
  4. Baby, I'm Yours was published by Blackwood Music
  5. Blackwood Music published The Flying Saucer Song
  6. The Flying Saucer Song was written by Harry Nilsson
  7. Harry Nilsson wrote Is It the Music
  8. Is It the Music was published by Black Molasses Music
  9. Black Molasses Music published Mexico City
  10. Mexico City was written by Perry Botkin
  11. Perry Botkin wrote As I Wander Lonely
  12. As I Wander Lonely was arranged by George Tipton
  13. George Tipton arranged Me and My Arrow