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The Point! to Who Done It? in 14 Steps

  1. The Point! includes violin played by Tibor Zelig
  2. Tibor Zelig played violin for ...That's the Way It Is
  3. ...That's the Way It Is includes keyboards played by Dr. John
  4. Dr. John played piano for Duit on Mon Dei
  5. Duit on Mon Dei includes drums played by Ringo Starr
  6. Ringo Starr wrote Lady Gaye
  7. Lady Gaye features drums played by Jim Keltner
  8. Jim Keltner played drums for All My Life
  9. All My Life was published by Blackwood Music
  10. Blackwood Music published You're Breaking My Heart
  11. You're Breaking My Heart was written by Harry Nilsson
  12. Harry Nilsson wrote I'll Never Leave You
  13. I'll Never Leave You was published by Golden Syrup Music
  14. Golden Syrup Music published Who Done It?