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The Point! to David Wolfert in 15 Steps

  1. The Point! includes guitar played by Al Casey
  2. Al Casey played guitar for Aerial Ballet
  3. Aerial Ballet includes piano played by Michael Melvoin
  4. Michael Melvoin played piano for Aerial Pandemonium Ballet
  5. Aerial Pandemonium Ballet includes guitar played by Mike Deasy
  6. Mike Deasy played guitar for Bongo Rock
  7. Bongo Rock was arranged by Steve Douglas
  8. Steve Douglas arranged Bongo Rock '73
  9. Bongo Rock '73 was mixed by John Lennon
  10. John Lennon played piano for Old Dirt Road
  11. Old Dirt Road features drums played by Jim Keltner
  12. Jim Keltner played drums for Drumming is My Madness
  13. Drumming is My Madness features guitar played by Dennis Budimir
  14. Dennis Budimir played guitar for ...That's the Way It Is
  15. ...That's the Way It Is includes guitar played by David Wolfert