On March 25, 1974, trying to make the best use of previously booked studio time, John Lennon arranged a recording session with Mick Jagger backed by musicians from Lennon's "Rock and Roll" sessions.


The session at the Record Plant in Los Angeles, included John Lennon (producer), Roy Cicala (sound engineer), Mick Jagger (vocals), Jesse Ed Davis (guitar), Danny Kortchmar (guitar), Al Kooper (keyboards), Jim Keltner (drums), Bobby Keys (saxophone), Trevor Lawrence (saxophone), Jack Bruce (bass), and Harry Nilsson (backing vocals).


The group recorded the song "Too Many Cooks." The name given to the session, "The Jim Keltner Fan Club Hour," is apparently in reference to how Lennon labeled the session tapes.


Actor John Ritter, a huge fan of the Beatles, snuck into the recording session to see one of his idols.