Steve Weltman had worked with the Charisma label in the early 1970s before beginning a relationship with RCA around 1975.


At RCA, Weltman helped promote Harry Nilsson's 1977 album, Knnillssonn, in England. Weltman devised a unique way to promote the album - anonymous singles. He described the promotion in an article in Music Week:


When I attended the recording sessions for Knillssonn, I realized that it was probably the artist's finest work to date, but there was the problem that Nilsson's last three albums have not had the commercial acceptance and sales success of his earlier LPs. The opening in London of his musical fantasy The Point! had given his artistic stature a boost, but even so, it was important that the media should have a 'buzz' about the album. It was a rather stagnant situation.
We decided that about 500 special singles should be mailed out to key industry and media people, but anonymously. The records had blank labels, which only gave the song title, and didn't even indicate an A- or B-side. The sleeves didn't give much in detail in the way of who the artist was - we wanted the recipients to have their curiosity aroused and play the discs themselves.[1]


According to Music Week:


The gamble seems to have paid off. Nilsson's official single, "All I Think About Is You," is already on the Radio One playlist and receiving frequent airplay while the album is picking up pre-release publicity. In addition, RCA has been receiving various calls from people receiving the singles, asking for more information about the LP.[2]


Weltman compiled Harry Nilsson's Greatest Music and worked on other compilations of Nilsson's music.


Weltman returned to Charisma in 1981 as the label's Managing Director, a position he held for five years. After that, he was the Chief Executive for Zest Music then the Managing Director of Greensleeves Records & Publishing. Since 2010, he has run his own company, Steve Weltman Consultancy.[3]