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Son of Schmilsson to March 12 in 14 Steps

  1. Son of Schmilsson includes saxophone played by Bobby Keys
  2. Bobby Keys played sax for All My Life
  3. All My Life was written by Harry Nilsson
  4. Harry Nilsson sang Blanket For A Sail
  5. Blanket for a Sail was covered by Sara Watkins
  6. Sara Watkins recorded Blanket for a Sail
  7. Blanket For A Sail was published by Golden Syrup Music
  8. Golden Syrup Music published I'll Never Leave You
  9. I'll Never Leave You was arranged by George Tipton
  10. George Tipton arranged The Wailing Of The Willow
  11. The Wailing of the Willow was recorded by Anita Harris Quartet
  12. Anita Harris Quartet recorded The Wailing of the Willow
  13. The Wailing Of The Willow was recorded by Liza Minnelli
  14. Liza Minnelli was born on March 12