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Son of Schmilsson to Back Off Boogaloo in 20 Steps

  1. Son of Schmilsson includes percussion played by Ray Cooper
  2. Ray Cooper played percussion for The Lottery Song
  3. The Lottery Song features guitar played by Chris Spedding
  4. Chris Spedding played guitar for Nilsson Schmilsson
  5. Nilsson Schmilsson includes percussion played by Richard Perry
  6. Richard Perry wrote I'd Rather Be Dead
  7. I'd Rather Be Dead was recorded by Cynthia Henderson
  8. Cynthia Henderson recorded Are You Sleeping?
  9. Are You Sleeping? was covered by The Kojacks
  10. The Kojacks recorded Maybe
  11. Maybe was arranged by George Tipton
  12. George Tipton arranged Ten Little Indians
  13. Ten Little Indians was sung by Harry Nilsson
  14. Harry Nilsson wrote I'd Do It All Again
  15. I'd Do It All Again was written by Scott Turner
  16. Scott Turner wrote Take This Heart
  17. Take This Heart was written by John Marascalco
  18. John Marascalco wrote Chicago
  19. Chicago is the birthplace of Jane Getz
  20. Jane Getz played piano for Back Off Boogaloo