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Skidoo to Kat Hendrikse in 13 Steps

  1. Skidoo was written by Harry Nilsson
  2. Harry Nilsson sang Best Friend
  3. Best Friend was published by Unichappell Music
  4. Unichappell Music published Mrs. Livingston I Presume
  5. Mrs. Livingston I Presume was published by Six Continents Music
  6. Six Continents Music published The Wailing Of The Willow
  7. The Wailing Of The Willow was arranged by George Tipton
  8. George Tipton arranged Without Her
  9. Without Her was recorded by Glen Campbell
  10. Glen Campbell played guitar for Bongo Rock
  11. Bongo Rock was arranged by Don Coster
  12. Don Coster arranged Bongo Rock '73
  13. Bongo Rock '73 features drums played by Kat Hendrikse