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Richard Starkey to Cowboy in 13 Steps

  1. Richard Starkey wrote Harry's Song
  2. Harry's Song was written by Mark Hudson
  3. Mark Hudson attended the funeral of Harry Nilsson
  4. Harry Nilsson wrote Puget Sound
  5. Puget Sound was published by EMI
  6. EMI published Turn On Your Radio
  7. Turn On Your Radio features bass played by Klaus Voormann
  8. Klaus Voormann played bass for Mucho Mungo-Mt. Elga
  9. Mucho Mungo-Mt. Elga features guitar played by Danny Kootch
  10. Danny Kootch played guitar for Pussy Cats
  11. Pussy Cats includes drums played by Jim Keltner
  12. Jim Keltner played drums for Randy Newman
  13. Randy Newman played piano for Cowboy