In a 1969 interview[1], Harry Nilsson described a "contemporary musical" he was writing with Laura Nyro and Randy Newman called "Nilsson Nyro Newman Neighborhood."


It's an attempt to create an entertainment visually and musically by illustrating the lyrics. The three of us seem to write music about people and situations rather than problems and love.

-- Harry Nilsson (1969)


According to UPI syndicated columnist Rick Du Brow, Nilsson had intended to develop "Nilsson Nyro Newman Neighborhood" as a TV special:

When I first interviewed the young composer Harry Nilsson, it was well over a year ago and he was nobody. Unless of course you listened to his music in which case you knew he was definitely somebody and that time would prove it, So I wrote a piece about him making what I knew was a rather safe prediction about his future impact on the pop scene and wondering to myself again why the television networks are so penny-wise and pound-foolish about seeking out young talent that hasn't quite made it. Harry told me at the time that he really wanted to do a video special with two of his-young friends, both singers and composers: Laura Nyro and Randy Newman. But he said he didn't have a chance because the three of them just weren't well enough known. [2]