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Nilsson House to Charles Nelson Reilly in 17 Steps

  1. Nilsson House produced So Long Dad
  2. So Long Dad was sung by Harry Nilsson
  3. Harry Nilsson wrote The End (Moonbeam)
  4. The End (Moonbeam) was written by Paul Buckmaster
  5. Paul Buckmaster arranged Son of Schmilsson
  6. Son of Schmilsson includes guitar played by Peter Frampton
  7. Peter Frampton played guitar for Son of Dracula
  8. Son of Dracula includes guitar played by Chris Spedding
  9. Chris Spedding played guitar for Nilsson Schmilsson
  10. Nilsson Schmilsson includes trombone played by Jim Price
  11. Jim Price arranged Joe Cocker's recording of Don't Forget Me
  12. Don't Forget Me was covered by Brass Bed With Allison Bohl
  13. Brass Bed With Allison Bohl recorded One
  14. One was produced by Rick Jarrard
  15. Rick Jarrard produced Without Her
  16. Without Her is heard in The Ghost and Mrs. Muir
  17. The Ghost and Mrs. Muir features an appearance by Charles Nelson Reilly