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Malcolm Venville to Gentlemen Friend in 16 Steps

  1. Malcolm Venville directed 44 Inch Chest
  2. 44 Inch Chest features an appearance by Ray Winstone
  3. Ray Winstone appears in Quadrophenia
  4. Quadrophenia has music by The Who
  5. The Who members included Keith Moon
  6. Keith Moon played drums for Loop de Loop
  7. Loop de Loop features guitar played by Danny Kootch
  8. Danny Kootch played guitar for All My Life
  9. All My Life was published by EMI
  10. EMI published Cuddly Toy
  11. Cuddly Toy was arranged by George Tipton
  12. George Tipton arranged Miss Butter's Lament
  13. Miss Butter's Lament was published by Six Continents Music
  14. Six Continents Music published Mrs. Livingston I Presume
  15. Mrs. Livingston I Presume was published by Unichappell Music
  16. Unichappell Music published Gentlemen Friend