John Scheinfeld


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Interview with the Author of Harry & Me ... Juber , Stanley Dorfman , John Scheinfeld , Lee Blackman - and maybe even Micky Dolenz or Van Dyke Parks . I recently asked Mr. Blackman how I can get a temporary membership and he told me to consider myself invited. So that's what I'll do! The Virgin Airlines website is up on my screen right ...
Una Nilsson ... Records Search [2] Source: John Scheinfeld interview of Una Nilsson , 2005
RCA Contract ... "Rick Jarrard Interview with John Scheinfeld " (2003) [2] Lee Blackman's review of the contract in 2003 [3] Goldmine , Dawn Eden (1994-04-29) "One Last Touch of Nilsson" (Volume: 20 Number: 9 Issue: 359) [4] The Sydney Morning Herald ( Sydney, New South Wales, Australia ), Don Groves ( ...
Harry and The Bear ... session.   Interviewed by John Scheinfeld for the Nilsson documentary , Bill Martin recalled:   It was the only bear suit in town, and it was made from an actual bear. You had to be inside the bear and look out through these rows of teeth, and Harry’s in a cold-weather type overcoat and a ...

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