2002-Lonnie Lee-John Marascalo (cropped)


John Salvatore Marascalco is best known for his work with Little Richard on songs such as "Good Golly Miss Molly." He co-wrote several songs with Scott Turner which were recorded by Harry Nilsson. He also co-wrote several songs with Harry.


Marascalco began writing the song "Reddy Teddy" while in church in 1956. He decided it was perfect for his idol, Little Richard, so he drove to California. At Specialty Records, he presented the song to Little Richard's producer, Robert Blackwell. Blackwell had Little Richard record "Reddy Teddy" along with another Marascalco song, "Rip It Up" which were released as a single. According to an ad in Billboard, the single sold 373,000 copies in just three days.[1]


John Marascalco deserves a lot of credit. He was the first guy to loan me 300 bucks, and he also took me into the fold to write songs with him.

-- Harry Nilsson (1993)[2]


John Marascalco was born on March 27, 1931, in Grenada, Mississippi, the youngest of nine children. His father, Lewis Paul Marascalco owned a shoe store. [3]


He died on July 5, 2020, in Los Angeles, California.