Andy Sturmer describes Jellyfish's "He’s My Best Friend" as "Yet another love letter to Harry Nilsson."[1]


"Think About Your Troubles" was the last studio track recorded by Jellyfish. It originally was released on the album, For the Love of Harry: Everybody Sings Nilsson. It's currently available on the group's Fan Club 4-CD box set.


In the Fan Club liner notes, Jellyfish members Roger Manning and Andy Sturmer discuss their shared love of Harry Nilsson's music.


Roger: Rediscovering the wonders of Harry Nilsson’s massive discography was one of the most important bonding experiences for me and Andy as we launched the Jellyfish project. So to have Harry show up to our 1993 Palace show in Los Angeles was unbelievably cool. We were so nervous that we barely said two words to him. He, however, was very complimentary. With the aid of his companion for the evening, Mister Frank Stallone (yes, Sly’s brother) -- who broke the conversational ice, so to speak -- we all agreed that we should hook up and do some writing soon. Six weeks later he passed away. It was a real honor to cover this great song for the tribute album. We didn’t really change it up too much, but I’ve always thought this to be one of Andy’s best recorded vocal performances.


Andy: I was gutted by Harry’s death and couldn’t imagine NOT being a part of a tribute to him. Roger and I were closer than ever to our inevitable divorce (perhaps that accounts for the tear in my voice). This was the Jelly’s last jam.