Jeff Gold


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Aerial Pandemonium Ballet {Stereophonic LP} [1971] album After the success of "Everybody's Talkin' ", Harry Nilsson went into the studio and produced Aerial Pandemonium Ballet , a collection of reworked songs from Pandemonium Shadow Show and Aerial Ballet .
E. J. Gold person In 1967, Eugene Jeffrey ("Jeff") Gold was Harry's official photographer. E.J. (as "Jeff Gold ") took the photographs intended for the cover of Harry Nilsson's first RCA album when the album was to be called Something Wicked This Way Comes . Some of the ...
Aerial Pandemonium Ballet {Japanese CD Reissue} [2002] album
Aerial Pandemonium Ballet {US CD Reissue} [2000] album Buddha released a remastered Aerial Pandemonium Ballet on CD with bonus tracks and liner notes by Curtis Armstrong . Booklet contains previously unpublished pictures of Harry in the studio by Dean Torrence and a note from Richie Schmitt . ...