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I'll Never Leave You to James Burton in 13 Steps

  1. I'll Never Leave You was arranged by George Tipton
  2. George Tipton arranged Maybe
  3. Maybe was published by Six Continents Music
  4. Six Continents Music published Littlest Kidnapper
  5. Littlest Kidnapper was published by Unichappell Music
  6. Unichappell Music published Guess Who's Coming To Lunch
  7. Guess Who's Coming To Lunch was written by Harry Nilsson
  8. Harry Nilsson wrote Do You Wanna (Have Some Fun)
  9. Do You Wanna (Have Some Fun) was written by John Marascalco
  10. John Marascalco wrote Oh Caroline
  11. Oh Caroline was written by Scott Turner
  12. Scott Turner wrote Foolish Clock
  13. Foolish Clock features guitar played by James Burton