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I'd Rather Be Dead to Donna Murphy in 14 Steps

  1. I'd Rather Be Dead was written by Richard Perry
  2. Richard Perry produced Gotta Get Up
  3. Gotta Get Up was published by Six Continents Music
  4. Six Continents Music published The Puppy Song
  5. The Puppy Song was covered by Astrud Gilberto
  6. Astrud Gilberto recorded Don't Leave Me
  7. Don't Leave Me was arranged by George Tipton
  8. George Tipton arranged There Will Never Be
  9. There Will Never Be was written by Gil Garfield
  10. Gil Garfield was a member of The Cheers
  11. The Cheers members included Bert Convy
  12. Bert Convy directed Zapata
  13. Zapata was played by Shawn Elliott
  14. Shawn Elliott married Donna Murphy