In an article about a "holographic" concert featuring a laser-projection of Roy Orbison, Alice Cooper suggests that the technology could be used to allow Harry Nilsson to join the Hollywood Vampires on-stage.


Alice Cooper -- who back in the ’70s was immortalized in holographic form by none other than Salvador Dalí, in a piece housed in the collection of St. Petersburg’s Dalí Museum -- said hologram tours would be "great in small doses," particularly with his hard rock supergroup Hollywood Vampires. "I don’t think I could go to a full concert of a hologram concert," he said this spring. "It would be great for the Hollywood Vampires -- because we honor all of our dead, drunk friends -- to have John Lennon show up or Harry Nilsson or Keith Moon or any of these guys in a short sort of ghostly thing that happens behind us. That would be a very cool way to do it. Maybe there needs to be a hologram museum, where you can go and see hologram concerts."[1]


The technology being used does not actually generate a hologram. The effect is created through a very sophisticated update of the Pepper’s Ghost illusion where an image is projected onto a transparent medium between the audience and the stage.