Harry Nilsson once owned a home at 7708 Woodrow Wilson Drive along Laurel Canyon in Los Angeles. The home was built for Natalie Wood and she iived in it during the 1950s.

After moving to his custom-built home at 10549 Rocca Place in Bel Air, Harry leased the Woodrow Wilson Drive home to Ringo Starr.

In November of 1979, while Ringo was entertaining guests at the home, a fire started on the second floor. Everyone escaped uninjured, but the house was badly damaged and Ringo lost some of his possessions including Beatles memorabilia.

A later owner of the home, Dan Aykroyd, described the home as haunted, believing that the ghost of a previous occupant of the home, Mama Cass, has nothing better to do in the afterlife than turning on the Stairmaster and moving jewelry across the dresser. "I'm sure it's Mama Cass because you get the feeling it's a big ghost." (https://variety.com/2007/dirt/real-estalker/rent-dan-aykroyds-allegedly-haunted-house-1201226810/).

Actress Beverly D'Angelo later bought the house.