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You Are Here to Strange Love in 16 Steps

  1. You Are Here was sung by Harry Nilsson
  2. Harry Nilsson sang As I Wander Lonely
  3. As I Wander Lonely was arranged by George Tipton
  4. George Tipton was nominated for an Oscar for the music he composed for the film Phantom of the Paradise
  5. Phantom of the Paradise is a 1974 film starring Paul Williams
  6. Paul Williams was born on September 19
  7. September 19 is the birthday of Ray Cooper
  8. Ray Cooper played percussion for Frankenstein, Merlin & The Operation
  9. Frankenstein, Merlin & The Operation features bass played by Barry Guy
  10. Barry Guy played bass for It Is He Who Will Be King
  11. It Is He Who Will Be King features piano played by Ann O'Dell
  12. Ann O'Dell played piano for Perhaps This is All a Dream
  13. Perhaps This is All a Dream was produced by Ringo Starr
  14. Ringo Starr produced Harry's Song
  15. Harry's Song was written by Mark Hudson
  16. Mark Hudson wrote Strange Love