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The Lottery Song to George Raft in 13 Steps

  1. The Lottery Song features guitar played by Klaus Voormann
  2. Klaus Voormann played bass for Son of Dracula
  3. Son of Dracula includes drums played by Ringo Starr
  4. Ringo Starr sang Stop and Take the Time to Smell the Roses
  5. Stop and Take the Time to Smell the Roses was arranged by Van Dyke Parks
  6. Van Dyke Parks attended the funeral of Harry Nilsson
  7. Harry Nilsson sang Makin' Whoopee!
  8. Makin' Whoopee! was recorded by many artists including Ella Fitzgerald
  9. Ella Fitzgerald recorded Open Your Window
  10. Open Your Window was arranged by George Tipton
  11. George Tipton arranged Goodnight Mr. Banks
  12. Goodnight Mr. Banks is heard in Skidoo
  13. Skidoo starred George Raft