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She's Just Laughing At Me to Jackie Gleason in 17 Steps

  1. She's Just Laughing At Me was sung by Harry Nilsson
  2. Harry Nilsson sang Sixteen Tons
  3. Sixteen Tons was recorded by Lorne Greene
  4. Lorne Greene recorded a song called Ringo
  5. Ringo was produced by Richard Perry
  6. Richard Perry produced Without You
  7. Without You is heard in Son of Dracula
  8. Son of Dracula includes drums played by Ringo Starr
  9. Ringo Starr sang I Love My Suit
  10. I Love My Suit has backing vocals by Davy Jones
  11. Davy Jones played percussion for The Door into Summer
  12. The Door into Summer was sung by Michael Nesmith
  13. Michael Nesmith is a parent of Christian Nesmith
  14. Christian Nesmith was born on January 31
  15. January 31 is the birthday of Carol Channing
  16. Carol Channing appears in Skidoo
  17. Skidoo starred Jackie Gleason