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Neil Diamond to Son of Dracula in 16 Steps

  1. Neil Diamond attended high school with Barbra Streisand
  2. Barbra Streisand recorded Maybe
  3. Maybe was written by Harry Nilsson
  4. Harry Nilsson wrote Cast And Crew
  5. Cast And Crew was arranged by George Tipton
  6. George Tipton arranged The Wailing Of The Willow
  7. The Wailing Of The Willow was recorded by Percy Faith
  8. Percy Faith was born on April 7
  9. April 7 is the birthday of Bruce Gary
  10. Bruce Gary played drums for Too Many Cooks
  11. Too Many Cooks features saxophone played by Trevor Lawrence
  12. Trevor Lawrence played sax for Loop de Loop
  13. Loop de Loop features bass played by Klaus Voormann
  14. Klaus Voormann played bass for Turn On Your Radio
  15. Turn On Your Radio features piano played by Nicky Hopkins
  16. Nicky Hopkins played piano for Son of Dracula