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Duit on Mon Dei to All My Life in 14 Steps

  1. Duit on Mon Dei includes piano played by Van Dyke Parks
  2. Van Dyke Parks arranged Stop and Take the Time to Smell the Roses
  3. Stop and Take the Time to Smell the Roses features trombone played by Bruce Paulson
  4. Bruce Paulson played trombone for Drumming is My Madness
  5. Drumming is My Madness features piano played by Jane Getz
  6. Jane Getz played piano for Loop de Loop
  7. Loop de Loop features guitar played by Jesse Ed Davis
  8. Jesse Ed Davis played guitar for Lady Gaye
  9. Lady Gaye features drums played by Jim Keltner
  10. Jim Keltner played drums for Old Dirt Road
  11. Old Dirt Road features piano played by John Lennon
  12. John Lennon wrote Mucho Mungo-Mt. Elga
  13. Mucho Mungo-Mt. Elga was published by Blackwood Music
  14. Blackwood Music published All My Life