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Danny Kootch to Agatha Christie in 13 Steps

  1. Danny Kootch played guitar for Loop de Loop
  2. Loop de Loop was produced by John Lennon
  3. John Lennon produced Don't Forget Me
  4. Don't Forget Me was covered by Brass Bed With Allison Bohl
  5. Brass Bed With Allison Bohl recorded One
  6. One was published by Unichappell Music
  7. Unichappell Music published Escape Possible
  8. Escape Possible was produced by Rick Jarrard
  9. Rick Jarrard produced Mr. Richland's Favorite Song
  10. Mr. Richland's Favorite Song was written by Harry Nilsson
  11. Harry Nilsson wrote Ten Little Indians
  12. Ten Little Indians is partly inspired by And Then There Were None
  13. And Then There Were None is a novel by Agatha Christie