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Early Years [1972]

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Harry Nilsson's first publicly-released album, Spotlight on Nilsson is a compilation of his songs previously released as singles by Tower plus two previously unreleased tracks.

UK reissue of the Spotlight on Nilsson songs. Harry Nilsson sings with the New Salvation Singers on the first two tracks.

Nilsson Early Years

By Thomas Kolakowski

This LP was released as a CD titled " Spotlight on Nilsson/Willard" (sharing half the CD with another artist.

I value all these early songs, especially "Growin' Up" which is one of my favorite Nilsson songs that I had played at my daughter's wedding.

For reference I have the original LP and the CD.


Track list

Title, Length, Composer, Artist, Track, Album

The Path That Leads to Trouble,2:08,Johnny Cole,Harry Nilsson/The New Salvation Singers,1,Spotlight on Nilsson/Willard

Good Times,1:50,Harry Nilsson,Harry Nilsson/The New Salvation Singers,2,Spotlight on Nilsson/Willard

So You Think You've Got Troubles,2:22,Marvin Rainwater,Harry Nilsson,3,Spotlight on Nilsson/Willard

I'm Gonna Lose My Mind,2:06,Johnny Cole,Harry Nilsson,4,Spotlight on Nilsson/Willard

She's Yours,2:02,Harry Nilsson,Harry Nilsson,5,Spotlight on Nilsson/Willard

Sixteen Tons,2:32,Merle Travis,Harry Nilsson,6,Spotlight on Nilsson/Willard

Born in Grenada,2:16,Harry Nilsson/John Marascalco,Harry Nilsson,7,Spotlight on Nilsson/Willard

You Can't Take Your Love (Away from Me),2:03,Harry Nilsson,Harry Nilsson,8,Spotlight on Nilsson/Willard

Growin' Up,2:50,Harry Nilsson,Harry Nilsson,9,Spotlight on Nilsson/Willard

Do You Believe,2:19,Harry Nilsson,Harry Nilsson,10,Spotlight on Nilsson/Willard


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