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Joy music_note Harry Nilsson released his country parody, Joy , as a single on RCA's country label under the name "Buck Earl ".
In Concert {The Music of NIlsson} videocam "The Music of Nilsson " is a 1971 episode (Season 4, Episode 8) of the BBC TV series "In Concert." It actually aired on January 1, 1972.   Nilsson performs the following songs in front of a non-existent studio audience:   Mr Richland’s Favourite Song ...
The Story of Eric videocam The Story of Eric is a 34-minute color documentary which follows a young mother through her first childbearing experience to help educate parents about the Lamaze method of prepared childbirth.   Producers: Carol and Winter Horton Writer and ...
Remember (Christmas) music_note If you listen closely you can hear the jingle of sleigh bells in Harry Nilsson's "Remember (Christmas) ".
Did Somebody Drop His Mouse? videocam Article By Curtis Armstrong   Unearthing the "lost" Nilsson Documentary   The existence of a lost Nilsson documentary was completely unknown to me until early last year [1997]. I had called legendary producer Richard Perry to discuss with ...
The Puppy Song {Martine Bijl} music_note Martine Bijl adapted Harry Nilsson's "The Puppy Song " into Dutch.   "The Puppy Song" by Martine Bijl    
Puppy Song (performed by Martine Bijl) music_note "The Puppy Song" by Martine Bijl  
Early Years [1972] album UK reissue of the Spotlight on Nilsson songs. Harry Nilsson sings with the New Salvation Singers on the first two tracks.
Me And My Arrow (performed by Hugo Montenegro) music_note Hugo Montenegro recorded Me and My Arrow for his 1972 RCA album Love Theme From The Godfather .
Son of Schmilsson {Stereophonic LP} [1972] album Son of Schmilsson was released while Harry Nilsson's Nilsson Schmilsson was still on the charts. It hit #12, spent 31 weeks on the charts, and went gold. A poster was included with the original LP release of the album. At the end of the Son of ...
Per Chi music_note "For Who" - "Without You " sung in Italian.  
Joy {Guitar Demo} music_note Guitar demo.
Joy {Piano Demo} music_note Piano demo.
Joy {Grunt Version} music_note An alternate version of Joy with an extra lead pedal steel guitar overdub and the omission of the second "...things went good, things went bad, good, bad,good,bad..." verse in favor of a steel guitar solo. The tag at the end is a different take. ...
Take 54 music_note
The Lottery Song music_note
I'd Rather Be Dead music_note At the end of the Son of Schmilsson album Richard Perry says "Goodbye, Harry" to which Harry Nilsson replies, "See ya next album, Richard." According to Nilsson expert, Curtis Armstrong , this was something of an inside joke: during the I'd ...
At My Front Door music_note
Turn On Your Radio music_note
Spaceman music_note