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Dream Love to Liesbeth List in 15 Steps

  1. Dream Love was arranged by Rick Riccio
  2. Rick Riccio produced Never Say Goodbye
  3. Never Say Goodbye was written by Yoko Ono
  4. Yoko Ono wrote Silver Horse
  5. Silver Horse features saxophone played by Bobby Keys
  6. Bobby Keys played sax for Good For God
  7. Good For God was published by EMI
  8. EMI published Turn Out The Lights
  9. Turn Out The Lights was written by Harry Nilsson
  10. Harry Nilsson hosted a tribute to Graham Chapman at the St. James Club in 1990 on January 23
  11. January 23 is the birthday of George Tipton
  12. George Tipton arranged Cast And Crew
  13. Cast And Crew was published by Six Continents Music
  14. Six Continents Music published Gemeinsam
  15. Gemeinsam was covered by Liesbeth List