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Cowboy to Don Coster in 14 Steps

  1. Cowboy was published by Unichappell Music
  2. Unichappell Music published Escape Possible
  3. Escape Possible was arranged by George Tipton
  4. George Tipton was nominated for an Oscar for the music he composed for the film Phantom of the Paradise
  5. Phantom of the Paradise is a 1974 film starring Paul Williams
  6. Paul Williams attended the funeral of Harry Nilsson
  7. Harry Nilsson wrote Countin'
  8. Countin' was published by Beechwood Music Corporation
  9. Beechwood Music Corporation published Without Her
  10. Without Her was covered by Glen Campbell
  11. Glen Campbell played guitar for Bongo Rock '73
  12. Bongo Rock '73 features saxophone played by Steve Douglas
  13. Steve Douglas played sax for Bongo Rock
  14. Bongo Rock was arranged by Don Coster