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Black Molasses Music to Puget Sound in 15 Steps

  1. Black Molasses Music published Up The Revolution
  2. Up The Revolution was published by Perryvale Music
  3. Perryvale Music published Mexico City
  4. Mexico City was written by Harry Nilsson
  5. Harry Nilsson wrote Escape Possible
  6. Escape Possible was published by Six Continents Music
  7. Six Continents Music published One
  8. One was recorded by Aimee Mann
  9. Aimee Mann was born on September 8
  10. September 8 is the birthday of Neko Case
  11. Neko Case recorded Don't Forget Me
  12. Don't Forget Me was produced by John Lennon
  13. John Lennon produced All My Life
  14. All My Life was published by Blackwood Music
  15. Blackwood Music published Puget Sound