Albert Brooks


Title Summary
A Star Is Bought [1975] album Harry Nilsson appears as "Lassie " in "Party from Outer Space " on Albert Brooks's Grammy -nominated comedy album.    
Real Life videocam "Jump Into the Fire " is heard playing on a radio during a scene in Albert Brooks's film Real Life .
Super Season videocam "Super Season" was one of six short films Albert Brooks created for the first season of NBC's Saturday Night Live . "Super Season" is a parody of network promotional spots for new TV shows.   According to Brooks: [...] Newsweek said it was a great little film. But the review credited ...
Party from Outer Space music_note Harry Nilsson appears briefly (as "Lassie ") in "Party From Outer Space " from Albert Brooks's album A Star is Bought .   Party from Outer Space   The song is a parody of "break-in" ...